Riley was at his last t-ball game of the season when, halfway through, he did not feel well enough to finish. This was out of character for Riley and raised his parents’ concerns. After being diagnosed with strep throat the following week, but he still did not really improve. His parents became even more worried and took him to the pediatrician for bloodwork.

Riley’s bloodwork indicated the possibility of leukemia, so the family was referred to the local children’s hospital. After a flurry of tests over the next few days, including a bone marrow biopsy, Riley was officially diagnosed with cancer. He was immediately admitted to the hospital’s pediatric cancer floor to begin chemotherapy.

Today, Riley is officially cancer free and back to being a kid. Although it is likely he will have life-long side-effects from his cancer treatment, his family is so thankful that Riley is back on the field playing the sports he loves!