Peyton began struggling with severe headaches, joint pain and overall fatigue in early January 2017. Within a week, these pains escalated and were accompanied by blurred vision and jaw pain. This resulted in a trip to
the ER. Her immediate diagnosis was leukemia, which was later identified to be Mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia.

Peyton went through chemotherapy and was declared to be in remission, but routine scans in the summer of 2017 revealed that she had relapsed. Peyton then underwent more chemotherapy, a round of CAR T-Cell therapy and a second bone marrow transplant. The CAR T-Cell therapy was instrumental in pushing her back into remission, and Rally helped fund the research that made this therapy possible.

Nearly 180 days after her last transplant, Peyton was cleared to go back to school in the fall of 2018 after being away from the classroom since her diagnosis. Peyton is now a student at UNC Chapel Hill and doing great!