James is a survivor of Ewing’s sarcoma of the kidney. This aggressive cancer is commonly found in the bone. It is so rarely found in the kidney that James was #27 in medical history and the first survivor.

A grapefruit-sized tumor was discovered in February 2005 when James was 11 years old. James underwent surgery to remove the tumor, at which point it was determined his left kidney would also need to be removed. James was successfully treated at his local hospital through a clinical trial, involving intense chemotherapy and radiation with short breaks in between treatments.

His parents have no doubt that being accepted into this clinical trial saved his life, and it is why they believe so strongly in the importance of childhood cancer research. James’ parents helped start the local chapter of Rally Nashville. His sister became a pediatric oncology nurse. Throughout high school and college, James spoke at many Rally events. He now has a career in private investment partnerships.